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Project Description
Open Source .NET CMS for fully hosted solutions, or integration into ASP.NET and ASP.NET MVC projects.


I started this project a while back but I now do not have enough time to be the sole contributor, so I have decided rather than let the project go to waste I would upload it here and see what happens.

The tests project is a bit out of date and needs looking at, so there is not much confidence in those, it ended up like that because I was busy trying to add features!

If anyone wants to contribute or involved in this project, please go ahead and get in touch with me.


Currently its only offered up as a Visual Studio 2010 solution, and included is a Database project to create the database, documentation will be added as interest (if any!) grows. It is designed to work as a hosted solution (all online!) or integrated into a ASP.NET / MVC project. The documentation can walk you through configuration, also included are some flash video demos to help.

  • Content Editor allowing HTML templates to be built with editable regions
  • Visual Workflow to wire together components to provide server side functionality
  • User management for security
  • Member management for providing features to users of the websites
  • Template Language to allow a bit more flexibility than HTML

NOTE: Editing interface Currently works with firefox only, browser compatibility to do.


Any questions, you can email me at

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