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Configure Application Type

When you first navigate to the content tab the CMS presents you with the option of configuring the application type, this is to setup the system to be used with a particular type of application host. The three choices of host are:
  • Hosted - The CMS website will be hosted by the MethodWorx.CMS.WebHost project
  • ASP.NET MVC - The CMS website will be hosted by a custom MVC application
  • ASP.NET WebForms The CMS website will be hosted by a custom ASP.NET Application

Currently Hosted configuration is the only setting that is complete and working correctly, however at this moment you can use Hosted configuration to run a website with ASP.NET MVC

Once you choose a configuration, you need to enter the URL of the host application, this will either be the URL provided by visual studio during debug mode, or the URL you have published the host website to.

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