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Creating Properties

Properties provide a simple interface to enable content editors to change content on CMS pages without needing technical knowledge of HTML, Layout, CSS etc... Properties can be added to Page Templates which make them available to any Pages derived from the templates.

Currently the following types of properties are available:
  • Plain Text - Either a single, or multiple line text editor with no formatting
  • HTML - A structured HTML editor that allows formatting based on predefined rules.
  • Asset - An asset that has been uploaded into the CMS
  • Link - A link to another page in the CMS, or external content
  • The system also can be extended to add custom properties, this requires plugin development

Properties can be added to Page Templates by navigating to the Properties Tab after double clicking on a the page template in the Content Explorer. Properties can be added here, the name and type can be specified along with any custom settings the chosen property type exposes.

Setting Properties

Once properties have been added to a page template, any pages that based on the template will include a property editing interface that allows the user to specify the value for the property. E.g if a HTML property was added, the user will see a HTML editor when they open the page in the CMS, and navigate to the Properties Tab

Common Tasks

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