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Managing Assets

The CMS enables users to upload files of any type, (e.g Images / CSS etc..) that then be used by the templates for display or download. The asset system is basically a folder structure where child folders can be created, and assets can be uploaded.

Assets that are uploaded are accessible from by a URL that is derived directly from the location in the folder structure, (e.g \AssetFolder1\AssetFolder2\Image.Gif)

Creating an Asset Folder

Highlight the Assets node in the Context Menu (or a child Asset Folder) and click on the Create Asset Folder toolbar button, then use the dialog to create the folder.

Uploading Individual Assets

Highlight the Asset Folder where you want to upload the folder, and click on Upload Asset toolbar button, this will allow you to browse to the asset you want to upload.

Uploading ZIP files

To upload multiple assets at once, you can upload a ZIP file containing assets, highlight the Asset Folder where you want to upload, then click the Upload Asset Zip toolbar button. The dialog allows you to browse to the ZIP file, and then preview its contents before saving.

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