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The solution contains the following projects:

MethodWorx.Core - Generic core services and utilities

MethodWorx.CMS - Implementation of services used by the CMS, and plugins
MethodWorx.CMS.Core - Core entities and abstract definitions of services
MethodWorx.CMS.Plugins - Will become a seperate plugin assembly, it currently contains the custom property definitions and editors
MethodWorx.CMS.TemplateParser - A seperate assembly that contains the template parsing and execution logic
MethodWorx.CMS.Web - A seperate assembly that will grow contain all web controls

MethodWorx.CMS.UI - The main web interface for editing, this is an MVC project
MethodWorx.CMS.WebHost - A host website for hosting a CMS project, this is a stand alone setup, publishing this project along with MethodWorx.CMS.Web will get you up and running
MethodWorx.CMS.WebSite - A MVC host website example to demonstrate how to integrate your MVC application with the CMS

MethodWorx.CMS.Database - This is a database project that can be used to deploy a CMS database

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